Guess Who Neighborhood

guess-who-neighborhoodHouse-hunting can be fun, but looking for a new home that’s “just right” can get pretty boring. Well, that’s what Todd and Valerie thought anyway. Yawn. But when their parents discover the Guess Who Neighborhood and animals start asking questions, boring suddenly becomes exciting. Would you like to visit their new neighborhood and join the fun? It’s easy! Just open this book.

snowman(a little sample…)
You never see me in the springtime,
And in autumn, very rarely.
I stay far away in summer.
It treats me most unfairly.

I come only in the winter.
December storms are my delight.
I’m happy in the great outdoors.
I love the blizzard’s bite.

My ears are made of bagels.
I’ve a carrot for my nose.
My eyes are small potatoes.
On me, hair never grows.

Little children love to build me,
With warm boots to keep their toes in,
Till Mama calls, “Come in the house
Before your feet get frozen.”

Kids sip hot chocolate at the window.
Am I jealous? No, no, no, man!
If I drank it I would melt
Because, you guessed it, I’m a