Guess Who Farm

book_cover_gwfYoung MacDonald (Old MacDonald’s son) has a big problem. He bought 11 animals for his new farm, but they refuse to come out. “No way!” they say. “Not until you guess our names.” But Young Mac is a terrible guesser. “Please,” he begs, “will you guess the animal’s names so I can start my farm?”

goat(a little sample…)
They say I eat tin cans.
It isn’t true.
I only eat their labels;
Love that glue!

I have a teeny beard
Called a goatee.
I am extremely proud
It’s named for me.

Some people love my milk;
I’m famous for my cheese.
I love to scamper in the fields
Among the birds and bees.

When I’m Angora or Cashmere,
I wear a silky coat.
But leaping crag to crag,
I’m just a plain old mountain