Adorable Scoundrels

Delightful desperadoes! Lovable rascals! Tireless little terrorists!

It’s a book

Adorable Scoundrels is a treasury of poems to “make you smile when you feel like crying.” For years, upon hearing them read at lectures, parents asked, “Where can I get the book?” Inspired by hundreds of mischievous toddlers the book is finally here.

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  • Holding-PatternHolding Pattern
    Why am I pushing this stroller
    Holding my toddler? Looking harried?
    I had no idea when I bought it
    She’d prefer to be carried.
  • Emily-PostscriptEmily Postscript
    Can’t find it in Miss Manners’ book
    But I’ve a hunch
    You should leave a very big tip
    When you take a toddler to lunch.
  • Unholy-RollerUnholy Roller
    He will not use the potty.
    He is stubborn on this issue.
    But loves going to the bathroom
    To unroll the toilet tissue.

They grin up at you proudly when they knock over a lamp. They clap their hands enthusiastically when they splash the salt shaker into your orange juice. When we strap them in their strollers, they cry to get out. When we lift them out, they cry to get in.

They are angels and devils. Demanding and delightful. They exasperate and enchant. Curious wide-eyed explorers of an exciting new world, they crawl over our rugs and into our hearts. Once we were them. Now they are en route to becoming us.

You’ll recognize your own toddlers in the truth-telling verses of author, poet, and playwright Howard Eisenberg who met them first as toddlers of his own, and of his much beloved late wife Arlene.

And it’s a mini-musical.

Getting parents to fund-raisers or evening meetings can be very hard, indeed. Toddlers and my mini-musical about them can help. As my wife, Arlene, would say to parent-packed audiences when introducing me and my poems, “If you’re going to have a toddler, you’ll need a sense of humor.”

Now Adorable Scoundrels is a 30-minute show, a sure-fire attendance-boosting added attraction for your next organization fundraiser or major parent meeting.

Book it for your next parents’ event

Here’s what to expect: I read whimsical poems about parents’ favorite subject—their children. Popular jazz musician Mike Cohen punctuates said poems with clarinet riffs and appropriate oldies-but-goodies like Yes Sir, That’s My Baby. It’s as simple as that, and as much fun as a toddler in a toy store. Optionally, we’re available for a reception afterward, in which we meet, greet, and exchange toddler stories.