About Howard Eisenberg

howardandhatFor over 50 years Howard Eisenberg, the Toddler Poet Laureate, has written hundreds of articles—often with his late wife, Arlene Eisenberg— for national publications. They include New York Times Magazine, Saturday Evening Post, Reader’s Digest, Cosmopolitan, Parade, The Wall Street Journal, Parenting Magazine, Baby Talk  and dozens of others. Additionally he’s written six adult books, four co-authored with Arlene, three Guess Who books for children, and scripts for radio and TV.

His latest book? A collection of wry toddler poems entitled Adorable Scoundrels, inspired by Arlene’s admonition that, “If you’re going to have a toddler, you’ll need a sense of humor.”

Howard agrees with Yogi Berra that, “Life ain’t over till it’s over.” He smiles, “I plan to keep going ’til I don’t know whether I’m coming or going.” He’s collaborating on a baseball screenplay with his son, Evan. His son also contributed music and dialog to Howard’s musical comedy, The Million Dollar Bet.